Where Can I Buy

Stainless Steel Furniture?

The following websites are a good place to start your research, or to purchase the kitchen or garage cabinets you desire.

To Order Indoor and Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets Online

  • www.danver.com– this Connecticut-based company manufactures and sells stainless cabinets, and provides design assistance.
  • www.lasertrondirect.com – with headquarters in Florida, this company provides well-engineered cabinets with patented design.
  • www.discountoutdoorkitchens.com – this Texas-based company sells name-brand outdoor cabinets at discount prices.

For Online Purchase of Garage Cabinets

  • www.carguygarage.com – this family-owned company, based in Chicago, features manufactured cabinets with some customizing available.

Online stores That Produce Custom Cabinets

  • www.leadingedgemfg.com – this Louisiana company is committed to quality, and produces indoor kitchen cabinets.

Online Sites That Direct to a Local Dealer for Their Products