What Kind of Features Do Manufacturers of Stainless Cabinets Offer?

Our article on "Why Choose Stainless Cabinets" is a great comparison of stainless to other materials, and highlights the many ways that stainless is the best choice for durable, long-lasting cabinetry. What follows here is an overview of features provided by many manufacturers of stainless cabinets.

Stainless furniture is offered in an assortment of configurations, including linear, L-shaped, U-shaped, and islands.

Most stainless cabinets are made completely of stainless steel, which is higher in quality and durability. Some manufacturers, however, do make cabinets with a wood base and stainless steel on top. This can be a good option for homeowners on a tighter budget, or who are looking to reface their existing wood cabinets.

Many manufacturers offer the option to customize the doors on stainless cabinets to include glass inserts or wood frames. Some homeowners decide that this option provides a welcome break to the uniform look to all stainless steel.

For the Indoor Kitchen

There is almost no end to the small details that can be included for a stainless steel cabinet for the indoor kitchen. Pull-out spice racks, paper towel dispensers, under-counter trays for cutting boards, utensil organizers, roll-out pantry shelves, and warming drawers are just some of the ways a homeowner can customize a cabinet for their own needs.

For the Outdoor Kitchen

Just like an indoor kitchen, there are many features available for outdoor stainless cabinets. A weather-tight construction will keep stored items safe from moisture and wind. Increased cabinet depth will allow the hood of a large outdoor grill to be open, yet still clear the back wall of the kitchen. Cabinet bottoms will a slide-out feature will give easy access to heavy stored items such as charcoal. Some manufacturers feature the ability to adjust cabinet height with leveling legs.

For the Garage

For a garage installation of stainless furniture, the homeowner must decide what they want the cabinets to accomplish. An assortment of cabinets, with or without drawers, will provide space for storage and organization. But, if a functional work area is also important, stainless cabinetswith an accompanying countertop or workbench can also be purchased.

Read on for some information on what to expect when installing new stainless cabinets in your home.